Lello Pasta Maker 3000 Pro

The Lello Pasta Maker 3000 Pro is quite different to most of the electric pasta machines here, because instead of merely helping you to flatten your pre-made pasta dough and chop it into shapes, it helps you create it from scratch.

Lello Pasta Maker 3000 Pro

With this ‘full-cycle’ machine you can go from flour and eggs (or water depending on the pasta type) to chopped fresh pasta shapes in 20 minutes flat. Just pop the ingredients (flour and eggs/water) into the Lello’s mixing bowl and turn it on... saving you the usual mixing and needing. All you need to do then is boil up your pasta shapes and eat!

Due in part to its upright form factor, the Lello 3000 doesn’t use hook-on cutting attachments to cut its shapes, like most Imperia and Atlas machines. Instead the Lello uses pasta ‘discs’.

8 of these discs are supplied as standard, to make: capellini (angle hair), spaghetti, maccheroni, stoglia (lasagne), tagliatella media (small fettuccine), linguine, biscotti (cookie shapes), bucati (large hollow spaghetti). Additional discs - for making spaghettoni, penne etc. - can then be bought separately.

Note: The ‘3000’ name of this Lello pasta maker comes from the fact it can make up to 3 lbs (1.4 kg) of pasta in each batch (which will serve more than 10 people!), compared to the Lello 2200’s 2.2lbs.

Lello Pasta Maker 3000 Pro features:

• Makes 3lbs of pasta in 20 minutes

• 300-watt motor; includes overheating protection with automatic shut-off

• Quick disassembly for easy cleaning (dishwasher-friendly parts)

• Dimensions: 12x8x11½ inches (30x20x29cm)

• Weight: 24 lbs/11 kg (Amazon offers free Super Saver shipping – see below)

• In the box:
- Lello 3000 Pro pasta machine
- 8 pasta discs
- User Guide
- 38 recipes

• 1-year limited warranty

Typical Amazon feedback:

- “I checked out several brands before deciding on this one. I followed the directions exactly, and the pasta came out perfect. it makes up to 3 pounds of pasta each time.That's a lot of pasta. But, you can freeze the leftover that you don't need right now. the noodles are not sticky and they cook fast. the fettucine cooked in 3 minutes after water boiled. I have no regrets.”

- “This machine was recommended for pasta with freshly milled whole grain. Does an excellent job with 1/2 kamut and 1/2 soft white. I use eggs instead of water, and follow the measurements exactly. I'm sure that it would do a great job with white flour.”

- “I got this machine from my husband for my birthday and tried it last evening for the first time. One pound makes a lot of pasta, more than enough for a main course dinner with enough leftover to freeze. We really enjoyed it. I will make another kind of pasta, perhaps semolina, soon.”

Read more Amazon reviews here.

Expect to pay: around US $200.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT? Home-based pasta lovers who simply don’t have the time or inclination to deal with forming pasta dough.

WHERE TO BUY IT: the Lello Pasta Maker 3000 Pro is available on Amazon US here.

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