Le Cisterne Pizzeria, Chiavari, Liguria, Italy

by Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Le Cisterne is, in my opinion, the very best pizzeria North of Naples. (Of course the fact its owners come from Naples helps!)

This pizzeria is based around the concept of 'pizza al metro' (literally, pizza to the meter), whereby instead of ordering a small round pizza each, you choose several and receive these on rectangular shelves that are placed down the centre of the table.

That's the concept, but what sets this place apart is the taste/price ratio. In other words, the pizzas are pretty much perfect tasting - very thin, superb ingredients - but cost next to nothing (think along the lines of 5 euros per pizza).

It's beyond me how Le Cisterne makes any money, but I guess they must as they're jam-packed with locals each and every dinnertime.

If you're heading to Italy and will be seeing the Cinque Terre (5 villages), or Portofino, be sure to make the 25-min drive along the coast to this restaurant. You'll love it!

Ristorante Le Cisterne
Via Aurelia,76
16043 Chiavari
Local tel: 0185 364827

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