Easy lasagna recipes you can make…

Seriously delicious lasagna recipes don't have to be difficult to follow... and this section of my site is designed to prove it.

After all, is there really any better tasting pasta meal than layer upon layer of cheese covered, meat or veg filled, tomato-drizzled lasagna?

Of course not. And remember... if an 'experienced' non-cook like me can nail these succulent tummy fillers each time, absolutely anyone can!

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meat_lasagna_servingLaura's meat lasagna

We kick off with one of the most popular recipes on this site - Laura’s fool-proof meat lasagna.

It's named after my fantastic Italian wife – who taught me how to make it – and you can fill it with minced beef or a mixture of beef and pork. A good lasagna recipe to start your education.

beef_lasagna_recipe_all_gone 'Balls of beef' lasagna

A cracking alternative meanwhile is this guest-impressing meatball lasagna recipe. Effectively a deluxe version of a standard minced beef lasagna above, this is a real sumptuous treat.

(For a meatball-only recipe, click here.)

easy_eggplant_lasagna_recipe Eggplant lasagna recipe

Since discovering and learning about Italian food via the family I married into, I’ve realised that I simply love any meal with eggplant in it – and this mountainous monster of an eggplant lasagna is no different.

(Just breathe deep if you’re from the UK, as I haven't forgotten that for us Europeans it's not generally called eggplant, but aubergine!).


3-cheese spinach lasagna

My very latest addition is a blue-cheese-rockin' vegetarian treat - so if you love your face-widening cheeses, and you like the strong Popeye-pleasing taste of power leaf, you'd be mad not to give this dish a whirl. It's really quite a different treat.


Very easy spinach lasagne recipe

If you’ve not made lasagna before, or you’re simply in a hungry-but-lazy place, try this spinach version first. It's easy... just wilt the spinach, stir up some bechamel sauce, build the lasagna layers and stick it in the oven. Stress-free and so tastee... (eugh, sorry).


Beany Business: easy lasagna recipe with borlotti & cheese

This fibre-packed veggie-friendly lasagna is a scrummy dish that doesn't miss the meat one bit. Use borlotti or black beans and your choice of cheese to create a one-hour feast that's full of beany goodness and rich tomato taste. You'll love it.

gourmet_veggie_lasagna_recipe Stripey & Sweet: gourmet veggie lasagna recipe

This taste-packed dish is great for impressing guests, whether vegetarian or carnivorous. With its colorful stripey looks and wonderful mix of spinach, mushroom, sweet potato and bechamel sauce tastes, it is really quite unique.

simple_lasagna_recipe Simple lasagna recipe with creamy ricotta

This dish is the quickest on this page, so it makes a perfect first-timer's lasagna. It's rich, it's creamy, there's no meat to overcook (meaning its ingredients are also cheap), and it's ready to munch in around an hour - a third of which is cooking time! It's truly simple by name, simple by nature.


Pasta-free eggplant parmegiana

It shouldn't really be on the site, but this 100% pasta free eggplant (aubergine) and tomato treat is one of Italy's favourites and - it says here - very lasagna-like in texture. It takes a long time, and it's calorific, but it tastes just amazing.

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