La Rosa Italian restaurant, Kitzingen, Germany

by Luciano
(Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

Surprise, surprise it is in Germany!

I love that the owner is a real chef but acts like a normal cook. When you go there you never know what you're going to eat, since the menu changes every time.

You cannot find his dishes in any recipe book since he invents them every time, so that each time you go there you can expect a new experience. I ate so many things there I can't tell you. The wines and spirits list is also exciting.

The atmosphere is fantastic and the owner has furnished the restaurant with excellent taste.

I loved that at the end of each dinner there, when we were the only customers in the restaurant, he used to sit with us, opening new bottles of wine and talking with us like he would his friends.

Last time I went there, unfortunately, was 2 years ago. I'm really "emotionated" now! ;)

La Rosa
Balthasar-Neumann-Str. 8
97318 Kitzingen
Tel: 09321.31232

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