Kids Cooking Ideas

You may wonder why you should get your kids involved in the kitchen, especially if you are short on kids cooking ideas. After all, it's way more quiet and less messy to cook by yourself!

In this exclusive article, guest contributor Debbie Madson from provides some top tips on how to get 'kitchen creative' with your little ones.

kids cooking ideas

There are great benefits to letting kids help cook. Not only does it boost your kids’ self esteem but it teaches them math skills, science and how to provide for themselves.

If you incorporate lots of healthy food and the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, you'll even be teaching your kids how to have a healthy lifestyle. Teaching your kids to cook will have benefits that will last them a lifetime.

Kids Cooking Ideas

So if you understand why you should bring kids in the kitchen, let's talk about some kids cooking ideas that can make cooking fun and a learning experience.

  1. Let kids plan or help you plan a week's menu and go grocery shopping with you for the ingredients (there is a fun printable grocery list here). Learning how to menu plan will help kids when they are on their own to know about menu planning and even how to shop for meals. If you teach them this simple skill now while they are young, they are less likely to be calling pizza delivery every night in college!
  2. Plan a theme menu and let the kids help put it together. Centering dinner around one idea is a lot of fun for kids. Perhaps a mini dinner could include roasted Cornish hens, baby potatoes and petit peas. How about a color theme like meatballs in spaghetti sauce, roasted red beets and strawberries for a red night. You could even dress to match your theme.
  3. Another of our favorite kids cooking ideas is to have your kids invite friends over for a cooking party. Plan ahead what you will make and what you will need to have ready. You could make homemade pasta dough in the morning and eat your prepared meal for lunch. Not only are kids having fun together they are learning how to cook. Give them a copy of the recipe and send them home ready to show their own family how to make this new dish.
  4. kids cooking ideas

  5. It is important when teaching kids to cook that you focus on more than just desserts. This is usually the kids favorite thing to cook. However, incorporate lots of kids lunch ideas, dinners and breakfasts as well as healthy snacks for kids. This doesn't mean you should never make dessert, just balance it with healthy food too. Learning to eat healthy is an important life skill.

  6. Assign one day a week, or as often as you can, for one child to help with dinner. They can choose the menu plan, with your help, and help prepare the meal. This kids cooking night gives you one on one time with your child that will be a lasting memory.

One of the most important things to remember when cooking with your kids is to have fun. If they spill a little flour and the kitchen is a mess, it is okay. Learning how to clean up as they are cooking is part of the learning experience as well!

Debbie Madson

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