Italian recipe with thin meat wrapped with string?

Hi Matt - my mother in law makes this thing she calls a bojouli which is thin steak with cheese and seasonings rolled up and tied with string, then soaked in what they call red gravy (sauce).

Do you or does anyone know it?

Response: Hey there. I wasn't sure so I checked with Mamma Marisa (and her hubby) and from your description of the ingredients we reckon that what your mamma-in-law is saying could well be actually braciole.

This is the Neapolitan name for an Italian food called 'involtini', which is what you describe - meat wrapped in string, or skewered with a toothpick.

I actually had a questions about braciole previously, so maybe you should check this braciole page. I think it probably refers to the dish - or a version of it - that you are talking about.

Hope that helps,


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