Italian Pasta Soup Collection

If you're looking for Italian pasta soup that is simple to make, authentically tasty, and packed full of nutritious ingredients, then this is the page for you.

Unlike some watery types of soup that wouldn't fill you up in a million years, italian soup tends to be thick, hearty and designed to work just as well as a full meal than as a starter.

Whether you're vegetarian or keen on your meat, there is a pasta soup recipe here for you.

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Minestrone soup recipe

‘Minestra’ actually means broth in Italian (in other words, soup with big chunky bits in), so this family-filling minestrone is literally a ‘big broth’. It really is - it's packed with ingredients. You'll need to be hungry!

pea pasta soup

Pasta soup with bacon and peas

This particular Italian pasta soup recipe is my brother-in-law Mauro’s favorite, and it's a beauty. Rammed full of sweet little peas, juicy bacon chunks, broken spaghetti and more, it's seriously nutritious. Just grab some crusty bread and enjoy...
pasta fagioli

Pasta fagioli recipe

Ultra-hearty and therefore perfect for winter. This bean-toting fagioli soup is creamy and luscious. Wash it down with some fine chanti. Lovely.


Lentil pasta

As taught to me by my ever-patient wife Laura, this heart-healthy lentil pasta takes just 20 minutes and is delicious.

recipe for potato soup

Recipe for potato soup with macaroni

This chunky carbtastic tummy filler matches softened fresh potatoes with bacon, tiny pasta such as macaroni or tubetti, and a hint of Italian tomato flavour. The result is one heck of a hearty dish.


'Dinky Bits' pasta and zucchini soup recipe

This fresh n' crunchy zucchini soup combines tiny zucchini (courgette) cubes, mini bacon chunks and small ‘ditali’ pasta shapes to whip up a wholesome pasta soup I think you'll really love.

recipe for pumpkin soup

Halloween pumpkin pasta soup

Make sure you don't waste any of that tasty orange flesh at Halloween by chopping up leftover pumpkin to make this winter-warming glowing orange soup. It features a subtle hint of parsley, a little garlic, and you can add a chili kick too if you like.

easy chickpea soup chickpea pastaChickpea soup

This buttery, nutty dish is perfect for those lazy "can't be bothered cooking" days. It's really filling, super healthy and best of all, it's ready in just 20minutes flat. It doesn't get much easier than this.

bean and pasta soupFava (broad) bean and pasta soup

This farmers market special is a fresh green and crunchy bowl of goodness. Perfect for serving to veggies and vegans (just dump the grated parmesan), it's adaptable too... choose from a list of Facebook-submitted recipe tweaks!

bean and pasta soup'Beany Blast' Mexican soup recipe

For a chili-style and seriously filling soup hit, don't miss this beany blast. It will warm up the coldest evening and is ready in just 25 minutes flat.

easy pasta soupCaramelized leek and onion pasta soup

This veggie-feast is a dish of simmering sweetness that will definitely have you coming back for just one more spoonful. With caramelized leek and onion alongside mushrooms and carrots, it packs in all kinds of nutrients and tastes great.

Quick recommendation: If you're looking for a new blender to help make your soups, I recommend my friend Brian's excellent Blender Expert site, which is packed full of advice and reviews.

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