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While most of my pasta know-how comes courtesy of my Italian mamma-in-law Marisa, I'm also interested in learning how other Italian cooks approach their food.

So this section of Pasta Recipes Made Easy is dedicated to finding out.

Here I talk exclusively to some of the cooks I've discovered that really inspire me. Some are popular food bloggers, others well-known TV chefs. But wherever they work - offline or on - one thing's for sure: they all really know their way around La Cucina Italiana.

So who better to learn from? I hope you find their stories and tips interesting.

(Who's missing from this page? Just let me know which Italian cook you rate the most and I'll contact them about an interview too.)

The Chiappa Sisters

Read the interview...

When it comes to serving up scrumptious Italian pasta (often with a
distinctive British twist), the Italian-Welsh Chiappa sisters know a thing or two. If you live in the UK, you might have seen the oldest sister, Michela, on TV - presenting Channel 4’s Simply Italian series. Read more...

Anthony Baker of Spaghetti Sauce
And Meatballs

Read the interview...

I chat to this popular food blogger about his (and his much-loved grandmother's) food heritage, about Italian-American culture, and why it's always worth dedicating a few hours in the kitchen to the people you love. Read more...

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