Italian Cookbooks: My Calabria: Rustic Family Cooking from Italy's Undiscovered South

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

My Calabria is a warm and personal cookbook about a region of Italy (the 'toe' of the boot) that is often (wrongly) overlooked in the rush for tourists to get to Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast.

It takes you on a journey of this beautiful coastline and you'll make your way through dishes that chances are you will never have heard of or tried unless you've eaten in a restaurant with a specifically Calabrian chef.

The Calabrians have their own version of lasagna for example, called sagne chine, they cook up a mean sausage and broccoli rabe (leafy broccoli), and their pipi 'mpajanati sweet pepper fritters are to die-for.

You'll learn about Calabrese meats such as soppressatta and salsiccia, cheese such as caciocavallo and pastas like egg-free scialatielli. There is also a calorifically enticing chapter on preserves that features fresh fig jam and a dangerously moreish mandarin orange liqueur.

With its vivid photos of food and the area, alongside the authors' chatty tone of voice, you should love this charming rustic release.

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