Italian Cookbooks: Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

This classic Italian cookbook by Marcella Hazan is hugely popular and deservedly so. In fact it's fair to say that with books like this Marcella was one of the key cooks responsible for first bringing tasty Italian tucker into the kitchens and minds of Americans.

The Essentials of Italian Cooking effectively combines her two earlier works into one updated and comprehensive cooking companion.

In addition to the recipes themselves, you get a whole chapter about the herbs, spices, and cheeses that Italians tend to use, plus a guide to selecting your ingredients to make sure you're using only the best.

From lemon chicken and mushroom and ham pasta through to veal stew and desserts, this tasty tome will have you smacking your lips as you read.

It's really up there with Julia Childs' The Joy Of Cooking as a true kitchen classic.

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