Italian Cookbooks: Cucina Di Calabria: Treasured Recipes and Family Traditions from Southern Italy

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

An alternative to My Calabria (also featured in our Italian Cookbooks Guide), Cucina Di Calabria introduces you to a world of authentic and largely undiscovered regional Italian cooking.

Author Mary Amabile Palmer is a first- generation Italian American who talks you through over 200 scrumptious Calabrian meals, as well as entertaining and delighting the reader with anecdotes about the region's culture, history, traditions and festivals.

The customer reviews of this cookbook on Amazon are hard to beat, with one claiming there isn't a bad recipes in the book and another confirming that unlike many Italian cookbooks this read doesn't feature Americanized versions of dishes but is 100% authentic and all the better for it.

With its dishes ranging from bistecca alla pizzaiola (local steak) and stufoli through to rice balls, breaded and fried zucchini flowers, caponata and espresso-dunkable biscotti, this book is a real foodie treasure and will quickly become a firm favorite of any Italian food lover.

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