Italian Cookbooks: Beyond The Pasta; Recipes, Language and Life with an Italian Family

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

This cookbook is much more than merely a collection of tasty recipes - instead you get more than 300 pages of not only food but charming stories and memories of Italy.

Written by a guy called Mark from Alabama who visited the country, embarked on an immersion cooking course and never looked back, it provides a fond foreigner's look at this most unique of countries and cuisines.

Part memoir, part cookbook and part travelogue, it is a delicious work in every way.

Food-wise you get 30 or so mamma-style Italian dishes, including a scrummy yogurt cake that Mark has named 'Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa' (because its ingredients are measured using the empty yogurt cup - typical Italian-style kitchen ingenuity!).

Check out our full Italian Cookbooks Guide.

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