Italian Cookbook: The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

Jack Bishop's Italian veggie masterpiece is a wonderful buy for anyone who loves Italian food, whether vegetarian or not. That's because it proves, through the tastiness and breadth of the recipes within, that in Italy you simply don't need meat to create sumptuous meals of pure eating pleasure.

This book packs in no less than 350 recipes, from pizza-esque mozzarella and tomato tart, greens and polenta (the cover shot) and zucchini fritters, through to baked chickpeas and veggie pizze.

One nice thing about John's approach, no doubt gleaned from his editing of Cook's Illustrated, is that he's not overly prescriptive. Yes he teaches you fantastic recipes, but he also encourages you to try your own variations and think your way around the cuisine.

The ingredients he chooses are also widely available, meaning you don't have to live near a particular Italian deli before you can get started enjoying this wonderful book.

Tip: if you buy and end up loving this book, you might also like John's 'Pasta e Verdura', his collection of vegetarian pasta sauces (and this page!).

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