Italian Cookbook: Naples at Table : Cooking in Campania

by Matt
(Pasta Recipes Made Easy)

Radio celebrity Arthur Schwartz's 'Naples At Table' is a love song of a cookbook with the city of Naples its worthy subject.

From the town that invented the pizza he brings you a huge range of Neapolitan and wider Campanian dishes, all with that 'simple food done fantastically well' appeal that the South of Italy is famous for.

Meatloaf, veal meatballs, eggplant scarves and calorific fried cheeses all get to star here, as does authentic pizza dough (of course!) and leftover King spaghetti frittata.

In addition to his cooking guides, you can expect a Neapolitan food education on the side, as Arthur details where and why the dishes came into being.

If you haven't been to Napoli (Naples) already, this book will make you want to jump on the first flight (preferably with an empty stomach as you'll need it!).

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