Is the Imperia SP150 pasta machine the same as Cucina Pro's Imperia 150?

by Alexei
(Aiea, HI, USA)



Dear Matt.

Do you know if the Imperia SP150 (review) is the same as the Cucina Pro Imperia 150 sold on

I noticed for the Cucina Pro there wasn't an attachment for the tagliatelle, so I thought the two might be different, but wanted to know for sure.


Response: Hi Alexei, this is certainly a confusing issue and you're not the first reader to be bewildered by the Imperia/Cucina Pro arrangement.

To the best of my knowledge Cucina Pro is the company that operates as the US arm of Imperia (possibly its exclusive distributor, which rebrands the Imperia machines - or co-brands them I guess - as Cucina Pro).

(Note - I am sending a copy of this reply to some folks I know at both companies so they can hopefully clarify this matter for us, just to be sure I'm not giving you dodgy info.)

That said, the Cucina Pro pasta machine you're referring to on (here) does seem to come with the standard Imperia long-pasta attachment. This enables you to make "thin spaghetti and wide fettucini noodles" (though I always refer to fettucini as tagliatelle as there is virtually no difference width-wise). Maybe that distinction is what confused the issue for you?

Does that clear things up? I do hope so, and as I say... I'll add another comment below if and when I get an official Imperia/Cucina Pro response on this one.

All the best,


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Jul 20, 2012
Official CucinaPro Clarification
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi again Alexei,

Great news - I received an instant response from no less than the Senior President of CucinaPro itself.

Here's his explanation:

Hi Matt,

Thanks for asking. CucinaPro does import many of Imperia’s wonderful made in Italy products.

Yes, the Imperia SP150 is the same as the CucinaPro Imperia 150.

We would love to be the exclusive distributor in the USA (along with Williams-Sonoma who carries an exclusive version) but there are a couple of others.

We take pride in our relationship with Imperia and have grown our business with them every year. As a side note, VillaWare used to be a big player in the Imperia world. Several of us at CucinaPro were Villaware employees.

We started CucinaPro about 8 years ago, embracing the policies that made VillaWare such a good company (before it was purchased and basically dissolved by a very large company) including answering the telephone with a real person and standing behind all of our products.

If you lose a piece of your Imperia somehow, call us, we will put that part in the mail for you that day.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Patrick J. Dittoe

Jul 26, 2012
by: Alexei

Thanks for answering my question!

Dec 17, 2012
I had the very same question.
by: Nicki N.

While I was Christmas shopping and looking to buy a pasta machine for my daughter, I came across the same dilemma. What is the difference between the two pasta machines? Thank you so much for clarifying this up!! 12/15/12

Have a great holiday!

Response:: Hi Nicki, there's not much in it. See my main response to the question above... both of them are excellent machines. The Atlas has a smoother rolling action, but the Imperia a nicer thickness dial. 50/50 for me...


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