Is it ok to rest fresh pasta for more than 30 minutes in the fridge?

by Livia Montalvo
(Puerto Rico)

I do not have much time to spend cooking. I wonder if it's ok to prepare pasta dough tonight and let it "rest" in the fridge until tomorfow, then I will make some ravioli and linguini.

Response: Hi Livia. This is certainly possible, and I would suggest wrapping your dough in cling film (plastic wrap) to stop the dough drying out, which will make it more difficult to roll.

However you do not actually need to put it in the fridge. As my mamma-in-law Marisa advised another reader in this thread, if you will use your dough within 24 hours then you can simply cover it with a kitchen/paper towel.

Alternatively of course, you could roll flat your dough and cut it into shapes, then dry these at room temperature and store these dried shapes instead. They will keep up to a month at least.

Enjoy and thanks for your question,


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