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I received this Imperia pasta machine 'SP150' as a present from my wife two years ago and I can’t recommend it highly enough. And it seems I'm not alone, as it's also's Top Rated Pasta Maker!

The SP150 is a traditional 'wind-and-watch' pasta roller machine and a seriously heavy duty piece of kit to boot.

It's made from such thick steel it feels like it will survive 100 years!

This chunky monkey can be used to create: flat lasagna sheets of varying thicknesses, tagliatelle strips and also trenette (think flattened spaghetti), plus it arrives with a box full of useful accessories.

(Check prices for this machine here or post your review here.)

In the box:

• The main stainless steel pasta roller machine


• 2nd steel attachment for making tagliatelle and trenette

• A detachable handle (steel with a wooden grip)

• A lasagna-width pasta sheet cutter

• Metal kitchen top screw attachment

• Machine brush (for cleaning)

• Multi-lingual user manual

My Video Overview

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Using the Imperia pasta machine...

Here’s how it works in full…

STEP 1 – Attach the machine to a kitchen worktop using the screw provided (this slots into a hole at the base of the machine).

(Note: This attaching is essential when using the machine’s 2nd long pasta attachment, as otherwise this add-on's weight topples the whole machine over.)

- Slot in the machine’s handle.

STEP 2 – Make your fresh egg pasta as normal (see my videos here) and roll flat with a rolling pin until ½cm thick (i.e. 5 – 10 mins less rolling than usual!).

STEP 3 – Cut your pasta into strips using the machine’s lasagna cutter.


STEP 4 - Feed a length of pasta between the main rollers with one hand, and turn the machine’s handle with the other.

- Repeat as necessary for all your lengths of pasta.

- Re-roll these sheets until they're exactly the desired thickness (use the SP150's width-setting knob, which is on the side).

Note: If making lasagna, medium width pasta is fine. For long pasta such as tagliatelle, go thinner.

STEP 5 – If making linguini or tagliatelle, add the machine’s 2nd attachment and repeat the pasta-feeding procedure to get the pasta shapes you want.

Tip: As recommended in my pasta making videos, keep finished lengths of pasta on a floured plate or surface (otherwise these can stick together). See pic below...


Verdict: This Imperia pasta machine works an absolute treat. It gives you instant long pasta options, it’s built to last (and last), and it is usually available for well under US $50 (£30).

Compare Imperia pasta machine prices...

- In the US? Check this Amazon page

- In the UK? Try this page

- In Canada? Try here

(Note: Free shipping is usually available with this product.)

Why Amazon? I use Amazon all the time. Their deliveries are quick, the prices are very competitive, and their support/returns policy is solid.

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