Imperia pasta machine supplier/store in Australia?

by J
(Sydney Australia)

Does anyone know where to buy an Imperia pasta machine in Sydney, Australia?

I only can find internet shops but can't seem to find out where I can physically go and buy one...

Answer: Hi J,

I've done some research from this end, and while I don't have a super-specific immediate answer, I do have a suggestion.

You could try contacting Food Machinery International, which distributes pasta machines of all sizes into Oz.

I've also dropped a note to someone I know at Imperia to ask on your behalf - I'll pop an additional comment below if I get any joy via that route.

And if you change your mind about ordering online, you might want to consider this eBay supplier, who (at the time of writing) has an excellent 100% feedback rating.

Hope that's at least a little help!


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Feedback from Imperia
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi again,

Imperia's international distribution guy got back in touch. He suggests you drop a line to their main Australian partner, who should have all the store info you need.

Here are the details:

182 Sydney Rd, Coburg, 2058 Vic.
Tel: (3) 93831166

Hope that's helpful. Best of luck!


PS: If you do locate a Sydney store, please feel free to add another comment here so future readers who may find this page know too! ;-)

Imperia 150 - Sydney
by: Anonymous

So I spoke to Incani and Surry Hill - Chef's Warehouse 9211 4555 stocks Imperia Pasta Machines.

Yippee, I've been looking frantically for AGES and thrilled I've found it close to home.

Huge thanks Matt.


nice and easy
by: baby


It's easy to use, and I liked this pasta machine. How much is it please?



Generally speaking Baby, it's around US $70-75 boxed and new.

If you're in Australia, check out the other comment here titled Imperia 150 - Sydney and call that supplier to get a current cost.

Crows Nest
by: Anonymous

They also have them in the kitchen supply store in Crows Nest, NSW - About $100. Still looking for the ravioli attachment tho!

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