Imperia Motor Attachment - A Question

by Sean

Hi Matt,

I have a question regarding the Imperia 150. If I add the motor attachment, does that operate both cranks (main roller and pasta cutter) without having to remove it and reattach?

In other words, does it operate them both simultaneously?

Thanks for any help,


Answer: Hi Sean and thanks for your question.

I'm just checking with Imperia in order to be 100% sure, but I'm 95% sure right now that the answer is yes! The motor unit slots on the side of the SP150 and when you turn it on it sets both the rollers and cutters moving at the same time.

If and when I get it confirmed (Imperia are usually quite good at responding so I'm hopeful), I'll shout you back here.

Take it easy,


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Nope, wrong, you must swap the motor across!
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi again Sean,

I just had a response from the nice man at Imperia and it turns out I was wrong.

The company's spokesperson informed told me that, "you need to remove the motor from the smooth rollers and insert it into the cutter".

In other words, you just change the motor across when it is time to chop your rolled pasta into specific pasta shapes.

Sorry for the confusion, hope that's clear now.


Oil the motor?
by: Anonymous

My motor is starting to squeek and I can't figure out where to place the machine oil. Any helpful info?

Video showing how to use it
by: Garrett

Is there any way you can post a video on how to attach the Imperia Motor attachment? When I attach it, it seems very wobbly and almost too heavy, as it does not sit in the Imperia Pasta Machine properly. Plus, there is a blue sort of attachment, but I have no idea how to use it or what it is used for. I have a feeling this would make the motor attachment work the way it was intended.

Response: Hi Garrett, good question!

Unfortunately at present I don't have the motor attachment in my kitchen, so this would be difficult. Let me speak to Imperia and see whether they have a video of this that I can share...

More soon (I hope!).


Garrett - a PDF for you!
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hey Garrett,

Good news - Imperia came back to me and sent me their instruction manual for the motor attachment.

You can view / download it from here (right-click the link then choose 'Save file/link as' to save the PDF to your computer.)

Hope the find the answers in there! And thanks to Imperia for their prompt assistance :-)


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