I couldn't get the darn thing to work right!

by Beverly
(Fresno, CA USA)

Everytime I tried to cut the pasta, it never had a clean cut; by that I mean, the ridge was showing where the strips started and stopped, but it wasn't cut.

I don't know why this happened. Could it be the pasta dough?

Reply: Hi Beverly. In my opinion it's probably a dough issue, yes. Unless you have a badly made machine, but I've never heard of this problem with this Imperia model.

How are you making your dough? What is your flour egg/water ratio?

My first thought is that maybe your dough is still a little moist? Are you mixing and folding it with your hands prior to using the machine? That's really an important part (see step 5 on this page).

Let me know any more info, and I'll try to help. Keep trying, the taste is worth it! :-)


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