How to pre-cook lasagna for a party

by Alyson

I am having a gettogether at my house and would like to pre-make lasagna (with a butternut squash filling instead of tomato sauce).

I have to work until 8pm at night and they are coming at 9pm.

Would I be able to boil the noodles prior then layer it, but not bake it until I come home at 8pm?

Will the already-cooked noodles get hard in the fridge, even though it's already layered? Please help if you can.



Hi Alyson and good question!

Firstly, don't worry about boiling your lasagna noodles in advance. This is simply not required.

I suggest you make all your bits the day before, using the uncooked dry noodles when layering your lasagna. (Pre-boiling the pasta is only needing when making fresh pasta sheets to put in your lasagna.)

Then on the day all you'll need to do is pop it in the oven (at 8pm, for 20 minutes, giving it time to cool and firm up afterwords...)

An inbetween alternative would be just to make the sauce the day before, then do the layering and cooking between 8 and 9.

Hope that's clear. Easy enough after all :-)


PS: Buon appetito!

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