How to make sacchetti

by Eleanor



Hi Matt - how do you make stuffed sacchetti?

Thanks - Eleanor.

Response: Hi Eleanor - good question. The theory is simple, but with this one the execution takes a little care.

(Firstly, in case any readers don't know sacchetti or ‘beggar’s purses’ are small sacks of fresh pasta that are filled just like ravioli.)

I made a sacchetti recipe with my mamma-in-law Marisa once, but I didn't end up putting the recipe on this site because the mix of ingredients we used: pear, walnut and gorgonzola cheese, just wasn't quite right.

However the pasta shapes themselves were solid, so here is the sacchetti making process we followed:

1. First, we made fresh pasta using egg and fine flour - see this making fresh pasta guide.

2. We rolled out this fresh pasta until really thin.

3. We chopped the flat-rolled pasta into 5cm/2-inch squares using a sharp knife (or use a pizza cutter).

4. Then we blobbed a teaspoon of our filling into the center of each 'sack'.

5. Finally, we gather up the corners of each square, squeezed lightly together and twisted around once or twice to seal the top.

Sacchetti Tips

- The key with these shapes is not making this top twisted closing too thick, or else it can be a bit chewy to munch.

- It's difficult to make sacchetti much larger than the size above (I found at least), without these parcels breaking open in the water; the balance here is really: thin pasta to avoid chewiness versus ensuring the strength of the parcel, so as not to break open in the boiling water.


There's no reason you can't use similar fillings to ravioli, with their accompanying sauces over the top to serve. Try this ravioli recipes page for some starter ideas.

Hope that's helpful. Do let me know how you get on, and I think I'll be revisiting this pasta shape as you've reminded me how frustrated I was not to nail a sacchetti recipe the first time!


PS: Any readers have their own sacchetti tips or recipes? Please feel free to comment below.

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Sachetti Walnut Gorgonzola recipe - nut and ratio questions
by: Stef


I just had some sachetti made with gorgonzola cheese and walnut - no pear - and it was delicious.

Can you tell me the form of the walnut? I was unable to tell 'in the eating'.

Is it walnut paste or ground walnuts - and what was the ratio?



by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi Stef... sounds tasty!

The walnuts are usually ground... for instance using a pestle and mortar, food processor or even crushing them in a bag with a rolling pin.

As for the ratio, I would suggest 60/40 (cheese/nuts). That's not weight but physical volume.

If you try it, do let us know how it goes please!


pumpkin sacchetti
by: Katy

Thank you for the recipe to make sacchetti! I had some recently at a restaurant and can not stop thinking about how good it was. It was Pumpkin Sacchetti in a cream sauce with crumbled sausage on it. Heavenly! I will be experimenting with this soon.

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