How to make gluten free pasta

by May

Hi Matt,

I need to learn how to make gluten free pasta. Do you have a good recipe for this?



Response: Hi May and thanks for your question

The truth is, I haven't made gluten-free pasta myself yet (it's on the list).

However I have done some research and these links etc. might help.

1. Apparently there is a good gluten-free pasta recipe in a book called 'The Gluten-Free Italian Cookbook' by Mary Capone. It's on Amazon US here if that helps.

2. There is also discussion about this book and making this gluten free pasta on here.

3. Alternatively, these web pages might give you more immediate food for thought: -

Gluten Free Girl -

I really hope that helps.

If you do try a recipe that works for you, please feel free to let me know (e.g. just drop a comment below).

That way I can post it, and better advise my other readers (I've been asked this before and certainly will be again!). That would be swell :-)

Good luck and buon appetito!


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Gluten-Free Girl's pasta recipe
by: Danielle

I tried making pasta for the first time by creating my own recipe based on a couple of posts by Gluten-Free Girl.

1) Apparently extra egg yolks help get a better texture.

2) Also, you don't need to knead the dough to work the gluten, since there isn't any.

Some recipes insist on letting your pasta dough rest but others say it's not necessary so I do whatever is convenient for me.

I have not had success in drying the pasta before baking, but perhaps my noodles being too thick (no pasta machine) made that problem worse.

Using a bit of oil REALLY helps by the way!

Gluten-free pasta recipe update
by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi again,

I was just browsing the recipes of Michela Chiappa, who presents a TV cookery programme in the UK called 'Simply Italian', and I discovered she has what seems to be a great Gluten-Free Fresh Pasta recipe.

Here it is - I hope you find it useful:

Gluten free tagliatelle with chilli and garlic


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