How to make different pasta flavours

by Paul
(South Africa)

Green ravioli parcels made with spinach in the dough

Green ravioli parcels made with spinach in the dough

How do I make different flavour pastas?

Not the sauces, the pasta itself, like spinach pasta, pepperdew etc.?

Thanks Matt.

Answer: Hi Paul. Of course there are many types of different flavored pasta you can make, though it's important to know that the flavors are virtually undetectable and the ingredients inside the dough are largely used to give it color rather than a super-strong separate taste.

I have two such recipes - at present so far - on this site:

- this how to make fresh pasta guide gives you a warm red dough

(You could also try using processed roasted red bell peppers instead of tomato paste if you like.)

- And this homemade pasta dough recipe uses spinach to give a glorious green dough.

I hope to add more such recipes in future, but hopefully these will get you off to good start.

Buon appetito!


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