How long will home made pasta keep?

Simple question Matt: after the fresh pasta is made and dried, what is its shelf life?


Good question - I was never really sure, as I never kept it around long enough to find out!
I'd just make it, dry it (if egg-free pasta, otherwise I don't even see the need of drying it), then eat the same day!

However I've done more research on this and here's what I reckon is a considered response:

• The safe 'keeping' time for fresh home made pasta is really dependent on whether this pasta was made with eggs (like that here) or not (i.e. made using only durum wheat flour and water - see here).

Note: store-bought dry pasta noodles may say 'made with egg' but this is usually egg powder, and as it is commercially dried (makes a difference), such packet pasta keeps for up to a year.

• So with egg pasta, once dried, my online research suggests this should keep in an airtight container, at room temperature, for up to a month.

• And while I haven't tested this, I'm therefore going to suggest that non-egg or egg-free pasta should keep - under the same conditions - for approximately double that time.

Hope that helps. If you discover any different, please do let me know as it's far from an exact science.


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Storing Dough Balls
by: Kim

Is it also safe to store the egg-based pasta dough balls in air-tight containers?

Response: You are better off freezing such dough balls Kim, if they are for later use than the same day.


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