How long do you cook freshly made pasta for?

by Pal

How long do you cook the freshly made pasta for?

And also, I thought fresh pasta dough needed to be left to "dry"?


Hi Pal - good questions sir.

When cooking fresh pasta, it takes just a couple of mins.

Get your salted water really boiling, drop in your pasta, wait 'til it rises to the surface and then it's ready... though I just give it 30 secs more (that's up to you!).

(The only exception to this 'rising to the surface' are orecchiette, which generally don't, so just give them 2 mins then taste.)

As for the drying you mention, yes it's ideal to give your shapes or lasagne sheets a few minutes to stand, as this gets rid of some of the remaining moisture inside. However if you're in a rush, don't worry about it, I don't.

Hope that's helpful, cheers 'Pal' (ouch)

Matt ;-)

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