How long do i cook lasagna in a 9x13x4" pan?

by Sue
(Illinois, USA)

I want to make lasagna in a 9x13x4" pan. Do I cook it longer because it's thicker?


Response: Hi Sue and thanks for the question.

My answer is probably, but I would still start at least with the same timings. That way you can extend the time if not cooked by checking at regular intervals until you know the best time for making lasagna in your particular pan.

So pre-heat the oven 180C/350F and cook your lasagna for 20 minutes (if using packet pasta, no need to pre-boil this pasta, you can layer your lasagna with dry pasta). If you can slide in a toothpick in and pull it out largely clean (without pulling out swathes of uncooked pasta of course), then it's done.

If not, I'd give it another 5 minutes, then repeat. And keep repeating like that until it's cooked.

Hope that helps. Buon appetito!


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