How do you make your own pasta shells to stuff?

by Eugene
(Freehold, NJ)

Hi Matt

How do your make your own fresh pasta shells that you can then stuff?

Appreciate your help - thanks!



Hi Eugene, great question!

You're in luck too, as I have a recipe page (with video) that shows you exactly how to make orecchiette (literally little ear pasta, which are the same as shells).

These are made from egg-free pasta dough, so all you'll need to track down to get started is some durum wheat ‘semolina’ flour (available here on Amazon US).

Then follow the simple instructions on this orecchiette pasta recipe page to get going.

Once you've got your fresh pasta, why not consider using it in one of these 2 scrummy dishes:

- 'Pasta Puglia' with rolled beef and celery

- This special broccoli pasta recipe



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