How can I use up black olives?

Pasta puttanesca - all kinds of olivey deliciousness!

Pasta puttanesca - all kinds of olivey deliciousness!

Pasta puttanesca - all kinds of olivey deliciousness!
Olives feature in this octopus pasta

Hi - does anyone have some suggestions for what dishes I can use black olives in?

I have lots of huge cans of these and I'm not real sure how to use them in different dishes.



Hi, great question.

There are several authentic Italian dishes that feature black olives, so I suggest you choose one of these and get started!

Italy's staple olive-based pasta dish is called Pasta Puttanesca - literally whore's pasta (but don't let that put you off!). It combines olives, capers and tomato sauce to excellent effect: see this pasta puttanesca recipe.

Second up, take the same base, twirl the spaghetti, add some amazing burrata cheese (try your local Italian delicatessen), then back it in the oven - and you get this moreish baked spaghetti dish. Amazingly tasty stuff.

Meanwhile one of my readers submitted a hearty vegetarian pasta sauce, which includes olives. Just smother that one over the pasta shapes of your choice.

And finally, if you're feeling adventurous and happen to live by the sea (or can track down some baby octopus!), don't miss this octopus pasta. The prep is a little icky, but the end result is a special salty fresh treat.

Hope that helps! Do let me know which you try and how it goes (via the comment link below).


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