Homemade spaghetti sauce recipe


This slow-cooked homemade spaghetti sauce recipe is wonderfully sumptuous and ragu-esque, as it roasts a full fillet of pork in milk and white wine.

This pasta sauce is most accurately named 'il sugo di arrosto di figlietto di maiale' in Italian, which means 'sauce of roasted fillet of pork'.

easy homemade spaghetti sauce recipe

It takes a while to make, but it's worth the effort if you're at home anyway, particularly as like most ragus you use the sauce for your pasta dish (in this case your 'primo piatto'), then the main chunk of remaining meat for a second meat n' veg course. A real double whammy of Italian taste!

Finally, I should note that this particular sauce isn't the world's most pleasing food covering to look at. It kind of seems a little pale in color (see below right).

But you know what?

That's great! Because it means you won't necessarily want to serve it to guests you want to impress - therefore you get to keep this one all to yourself!

(Alternatively, serve it to them anyway but use more eye-catching funky-colored green or red pasta!)

Let's get to it!

homemade spaghetti sauce recipeServes 4-6


23oz/650g pork fillet

1 onion

1 carrott

1 stalk of celery

5 fl oz/150ml dry white wine

5 fl oz/150ml half-fat milk

Beef stock cube

Extra virgin olive oil

Optional: 10 leaves of fresh basil

STEP 1 - Peel the onions and carrots, and chop off the ends of the celery.

- Chop these 3 veg as finely as possible (or whiz in a food processor).

Note: this 3-veg mixture is called 'trito' in Italian and is the base of many a good sauce.

- Rinse & tear basil leaves.

STEP 2 - Coat half the base of a large cooking pan with olive oil and gently fry the 3-veg and basil on a medium heat until the veg softens.

STEP 3 - Add the pork (ideally whole but but halve it if required to fit in your pan) and fry until 'seared' (sealed) on all sides, turning regularly.

STEP 4 - When sealed, add the wine and milk, crumble in the stock cube and cover your pan with the lid.

- Cook on the low heat for approx 60-90 mins until a knife can slide easily into the meat (even more ideal, cook it for longer on a even lower heat).

STEP 5 - Remove the meat from your pan and take a little sauce with it. Serve this meat with the sauce and some veg for your second course - 'secondo piatto'.

- Boil up your spaghetti (or other favorite pasta shapes, we make 'pisarei') in a big pan of salted water then drain.

- Finally, melt and mix a small knob of butter (i.e. 10g/0.35oz) into the sauce, then serve by pouring this over your pasta for an amazingly scrumptious meaty treat.


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