Homemade pasta recipe book for pasta machine present?

by Natalie

Help! A family member is getting a pasta machine for Christmas and has asked for a recipe cookbook to go with it.

She is not looking for an Italian cookbook, but a homemade pasta recipe book... to make the noodles, not the sauce.

I can't find a cookbook with more than 2 homemade pasta recipes in it.

Can you suggest anything?


Answer: Hi Natalie - sounds a great present!

A book that many users of my site buy on Amazon is this one - The Pasta Machine Cookbook.

I haven't tried this myself - as I don't believe in truth a specific machine cookbook is required - but this may still be worth a look (have a read of some of the customer reviews on there and make your own mind up).

On the digital front, I would also diplomatically suggest my own ebook - Pastastic - which features a full section devoted to different types of fresh pasta you can make.

If not, maybe point your friend to the following section of this site (it includes different types of fresh pasta, plus some shaping guides too): Fresh Pasta Recipe Collection.

Finally, you might enjoy this Guardian article, which the journo tests various different 'celeb chef' ways of making fresh pasta. It's wonderful (it got me popping a drop of oil in the dough mix, which really helps it stay nice and elastic).

Hope that's all useful. Have a great Christmas whatever you decide :-)


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