Had the machine for ten minutes now!

So far I haven't been able to work out how it works, as there aren't any instructions for how to put it together (even in Italian). I've got the tagliatelli attachment on but I can't see what to do with the steel sheet, which I presume is to catch the lasagne, but I can't work out how it attaches to the machine.

There was no cleaning brush in my box, nor mention of it in the parts list, and I am rather taken aback by the fact that the machine's not washable. (The booklet says it will rust - I wonder if there's such a thing as a rust-free model...too late now though!)

All that aside, I'm very excited to use the machine, especially having read such glowing reviews of it (elsewhere) and seen it in action on Masterchef.


Hi there. It's strange, but what I've learned from different visitors contributing to this site is that the same Imperia pasta machine can include different accessories depending on which retailer is selling it. Bizarre but there it is.

Cleaning-wise, this brush-only approach is the case with all machines made from similar metals, such as the Imperia's close competitor, the Atlas 150 pasta maker.

The trya meanwhile is actually for the dough to rest on while you crank it into the machine, effectively freeing up your other hand. A bit pointless if you ask me... I prefer to use my remaining hand to carefully lower in the dough. But gives you the option at least!

Hope that helps!

Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

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