Giovanni's Restaurant, Saute Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada

by Doris
(Ontario, Canada)

Giovanni's Restaurant located in Saute Saint Marie, Ontario serves authentic Italian pasta.

My husband and I found this restaurant quite by accident as we were travelling across the province. Having just driven 12 hours and checked into a local motel, we were hungry for some real food.

Giovanni's has just the atmosphere to create a special evening for two. When we looked at the menu, we knew we were going to get Italian food prepared like an Italian momma makes it for her family.

Many of the dishes state that the pasta is imported from Italy. We choose a traditional pasta dish and enjoyed every bite.

So now, every time we make the long trip across the province, we always make sure we stop at Giovanni's.

Giovanni's Restaurant
516 Great Northern Road
Sault Ste. Marie
Tel: (705) 942-3050

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