How To Make Garganelli Pasta Shapes

Garganelli pasta shapes are almost identical to penne. The only differences are that they feature a funky folded flap (whereas with penne you don’t see the join), and they don't have penne's machine-produced ridges down the sides.

So in terms of shapes you can make at home, garganelli are as close to homemade penne as it gets and just as appealing. Their folded flaps ooze kitchen kudos!

What do you need? Just fresh pasta, a teaspoon/pencil, and a beaten egg (your garga-glue!).

Wanna learn how to make penne then? Are you ready for garganelli? Just Play the video below and use the written tips for reference.

(Important! This page only deals with transforming fresh pasta dough into garganelli. I assume you’ve made – or will make – the dough separately. Watch my how to make pasta video to learn how easy it is.)

Check out all of my pasta vids here on YouTube.

STEP 1 - Beat or whisk an egg until it’s smooth. (No whisk? Just use a fork.)

STEP 2 - Use a sharp knife to chop your thin-rolled pasta dough into 1½-inch squares.

garganelli pasta shapesSTEP 3 - Take one of these squares and dab a small blob of egg on one corner. (To dab, either use an egg brush, kitchen paper or a clean finger.)

STEP 4 - Place the stem of a teaspoon or clean pencil on the opposite corner of the pasta square.

Now roll the square diagonally back on itself, wrapping the pasta around the spoon/pencil.

When you reach the opposite eggy corner, push down to stick the pasta together and slide out the spoon.

Finito! That’s one ‘garganello’ made - just repeat until they’re all done.

garganelli pasta shapes

How to cook penne? Throw your penne/garganelli into a deep pan of boiling salted water (go for half a handful of salt for each 2-person serving). When the shapes rise to the top - which happens real quick! - drain them and cover in your favorite tasty pasta sauce.

garganelli pasta shapes

Recommended Tool: pasta rolling machine

A pasta machine will speed up your pasta rolling, and give you some valuable long pasta options.

Check out my full review - with video - of the excellent Imperia pasta machine.

I use this piece of kit myself - it's great value, built like a rock, and available with a range of accessories for cutting and making all kinds of pasta.

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