Totally twirly fusilli recipes

fusilli recipes

Hello and welcome to my selection of Italian fusilli recipes (featuring everyone's favorite corkscrew pasta), as taught to me by my ever-patient Italian mamma-in-law Marisa.

Just like penne and farfalle 'bow tie' pasta, fun n' twirly fusilli or corkscrew pasta is a short-shape pasta with a large surface area, making it perfect for catching chunky thick pasta sauces.

Fusilli also works a treat mixed in with summery pasta salads - giving you a little more carbohydrate substance and properly filling your belly.

Enough intro then, let's talk fusilli...

Tuna pasta recipe tuna pasta recipe

This tuna dish is a simple winner. It features almost everything the body requires... slow energy-releasing carbs, protein and brain-friendly Omega 3 oils, and the tomato in its sauce helps avoid cancer because tomato includes loads of lycopene. And in case you're wondering, yup it's delicious!

Vegetable pasta salad vegetable pasta salad

It doesn't get much more colorful than this veg-packed plate filler. Simply chop up a bunch of your favourite veggies and bake in the oven, cook up some 'al dente' fusilli (or other short pasta such as farfalle), mix it all up and let it cool. Or if you make it in winter munch it straight away... as you like!

Recipe for pesto recipe for pesto

Short pasta like fusilli look and taste fantastic just smothered in fresh green pesto. Rather than basil (used in the traditional Ligurian pesto here), this pesto mashes up rocket and walnut to make a strong, aromatic sauce that you simply stir through your cooked pasta. Quick, easy, delectable...

Look out for more fusilli recipes coming soon...

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