'Do it from scratch' with my fresh pasta recipe collection


This simple-to-follow fresh pasta recipe collection is designed to get you making super-succulent, sauce-sticking pasta from scratch, without any head scratching.

Why make it from scratch?

• It tastes more delectable than packet pasta

• It holds onto sumptuous pasta sauce better

• Contains virtually no additives

• And it even cooks quicker than the packet stuff.

And, of course, creating your own fresh pasta also makes you feel like a true pasta specialist - always nice!

So, just click the fresh pasta recipe you fancy below, based on the ingredients you have and the type of recipe you prefer - written, video or both.

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Fresh Pasta Recipe Collection

How to make pasta: video guidehow_to_make_pasta

A great starting point - this homemade pasta dough recipe uses short video clips to help you transform general purpose flour, eggs and salt into nutritious, tasty fresh pasta. I also include some tips on turning your rolled dough into authentic tagliatelle strips.

Making fresh pasta: picture guideMaking fresh pasta

This is effectively a picture-and-text version of the fresh pasta dough recipe above - useful for those who prefer to read and see rather than watch (and for those with slow net connections). All you need is: general purpose/plain flour, eggs and salt. How easy?

Fresh whole wheat pasta recipeeasy whole wheat pasta recipe

If you're conscious about eating healthy, head for this wholemeal pasta page. Half of this pasta dough uses brown wholemeal flour, which contains up to 95% more good stuff (iron, protein, vitamins and more) than white flour alone. A great taste with nutrients to boot!

Vegan pasta: pic & video guidemaking_vegan_pasta

Designed both for those who don't eat eggs and those who don't have any eggs in the fridge, this vegan pasta recipe is even quicker to make than egg pasta but tastes equally great. Its final texture is slightly more chinese noodle-ish and translucent than egg pasta, making it a great alternative dough recipe.

Milk n' breadcrumb pasta dough recipemilk bread easy pasta dough recipe

This alternate pasta dough recipe hails from Bologna in Northern Italy. It uses regular plain flour but instead of eggs we stir in breadcrumbs and hot milk to produce a sturdier pasta flesh that makes a great tummy-filling cold weather feed. Here we chop our pasta into gnocchi-like 'pisarei' shapes.

How to make fresh RED pasta how to make fresh pasta that's red!

This additional homemade pasta dough recipe adds a dab of intense tomato sauce to give the dough a warm red glow. With this step-by-step picture guide it's totally simple to make - then you just cook it, drain it, and mix with seafood, oil or pesto sauce for a cool, colorful treat!

GREEN homemade pasta dough recipe homemade pasta dough recipe

If you're planning a red, tomato-based sauce, then this bright green spinach pasta will provide an impressive contrast. It's more strongly colored than the red pasta above and will virtually guarantee that whatever dish you serve, it looks as wonderful as it tastes!

How to make pasta shapes

How to make farfalle pasta shapes farfalle pasta

Farfalle pasta - often called ‘bowtie pasta’ - is a great little pasta shape to make fresh, and perfect for matching with chunky sauces. Best of all, make it yourself and you avoid that off-putting chewy middle bit.

How to make garganelli pasta shapes garganelli pasta

Garganelli are about as close to homemade penne as it's possible to get. The only difference is that these shapes feature funky kudos-creating folds and they don't have penne's tiny surface ridges. Quick to make and delicious to munch, this is seriously guest-impressing stuff!

How to make half-moon ravioli (pansotti) pansotti

Pansotti or half-moon ravioli are a great little parcel shape to learn as the process is simple and you can stuff them with whatever you like. All you'll need is a strong drinking glass or cookie cutter to make the circles.

How to make orecchiette pasta shapes orecchiette pasta shapes shell pasta recipe

Impress your guests by serving up homemade orecchiette pasta (AKA ‘little ear’ or shell pasta). This simple shaping guide takes you from fresh pasta dough (without egg) to a plateful of little ears in a few short minutes: just squish and flip!

How to make maltagliati pasta shapes maltagliati Italian pasta shapes

Maltagliati means 'badly cut' and was traditionally used to refer to tagliatelle and other long pasta offcuts that were boiled up and served. If you're feeling too lazy to get creative making any of the shapes above, maltagliati are the answer!

How to make 'mandilli de sea' How to make 'mandilli de sea' (parsley stuffed) pasta shapes

Mandilli de sea (meaning 'silk hankerchiefs') are a little known type of flat pasta shape that feature whole flat-rolled parsley leaves inside. Twin these with a creamy mushroom sauce for a sumptuous dish to remember.

Making pasta from scratch - 'Le Piccage' 	
Making pasta from scratch - 'Le Piccage'

'Le piccage', or pasta strings, are wavy-edged long pasta shapes that are infused with the herb marjoram. Made using plenty of eggs and all-purpose or double-zero flour, they go perfectly with light oily sauces like primavera.

Related info

Quick Pasta Flour Guidepasta flour double zero 00

Don't know your all-purpose from your double-zero? This quick Q&A page is designed to help you understand which flour to use when making different types of pasta dough. Simple.

Pasta Drying Rack - Buying Guidepasta drying racks

Fresh pasta shapes that are made using just water and flour (i.e. no egg) can easily stick together when drying. However you can solve this sticky issue with a specially made pasta drying rack. This page explains how such racks help and which are worthy of your cash.

Gnocchi recipe: pic & video guideeasy_gnocchi_recipe

Officially gnocchi isn't pasta, because it's traditionally made from only potato. However it is often grouped with pasta dishes, and it's delicious, so I've included it here too. Just peel and boil up some spuds, mash, mix with flour, then get creative making those filling little fellas.

Got a fresh pasta question? Read previous discussions or submit a new question at this Q&A page.

Recommended tool: pasta rolling machine

A pasta machine will speed up your pasta rolling, and give you some valuable long pasta options.

Check out my full review - with video - of the excellent Imperia pasta machine.

I use this piece of kit myself - it's great value, built like a rock, and available with a range of accessories for cutting and making all kinds of pasta.

View pasta machine mainpage.

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