Fresh pasta dough - after the fridge & making lasagna

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I made fresh pasta dough this morning and then put it in the fridge.

How long do I have to wait after I take it out of the fridge before I can use it?

Also, I want to make lasagna noodles - how big should I make the noodle? One big sheet/noodle for each layer? Or two... I will be using a 9 x 13-inch pan.

Thanks for your help!


Hi there and thanks for the questions.

In terms of fresh pasta dough coming out of the fridge, just wait until it has warmed up to room temperature.

On the lasagna front, it's up to you really, but I usually go for several separate rectangles ('noodles') of pasta per layer.

Why? 2 reasons

1 - It is much easier to roll out flat fresh pasta and cut this into relatively small pieces than it is to roll out pasta sheets big enough to cover your whole pan.

(This second approach also means you'll likely waste a bunch of leftover fresh pasta at the end of the process.)

2 - Lasagna layers made from several noodles give a nice ruffled surface finish which - for me at least - is more traditionally appealing.

A couple of extra fresh lasagna tips:

I usually aim to cut similar-sized lasagna noodles to those you can buy - i.e. roughly 6 by 3 inches.

I suggest you cook (i.e. boil) your lasagna noodles before you make/build your lasagna. I don't suggest this when using packet noodles, but for fresh my mamma-in-law recommends it. We made a lasagna recently like this, and it was just delicious.

Hope that helps!


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