Freezing pesto sauce

by Tonia

Rocket and walnut pesto - very freezable indeed

Rocket and walnut pesto - very freezable indeed

Hi there,

I have just made your rocket and walnut pesto which, THANKS, is delightful!

Alas I have made heaps and was wondering if this is OK to freeze?

Thank you and kind regards,



Hi Tonia.

Really glad you liked the pesto! That one is my new favorite too.

And yes you can freeze it no problem. The same goes for pretty much all the veg pastes and sauces on this site (including for example the 3-veg 'tritto' mixture - carrot, onion and celery - used in meat lasagna, bolognese sauce etc.)



PS: Quick update - since we spoke I've added 2 or 3 more new and interesting versions. See this full page of easy Italian pesto recipes. I hope you enjoy some more of those (I highly recommend the quite unique macademia nut pesto!)

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