Freezing lasagna in Teflon

Hi Matt,

Can I freeze an uncooked lasagna in a Teflon-coated metal pan?



Response: I've done some research into this and in truth I haven't found a definitive answer either way. However I can't imagine that such pans are designed to be stuck in the freezer, so I'm not sure I would.

We own, use and much prefer cooking with ceramic pots and baking dishes where possible.

You might also find this article on the dangers of Teflon interesting. There seems to be a bunch of evidence suggesting that this material is not good for us (and certainly if such a pan or dish ever becomes scratched, this can cause dangerous flakes of the surface Teflon to float around, which must be avoided at all costs, so throw it away immediately).

So maybe next time you upgrade your cookware, go the ceramic route?

(Note - in terms of freezing an uncooked lasagna in general, this is very possible - see this page for more on that.)


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freezing food in Teflon
by: valzrose

I just looked this up because I froze a small Teflon bread pan that I had lasagna in...I reheated it without a problem but when I started washing it the Teflon peeled off...never saw this before and it was not a cheapie answer is No!!!

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