Freezing lasagna in a zip-lock bag

by Marta

Very simple question Matt... how can I freeze leftover lasagna in a zip lock bag?


Hi Marta and thanks for your question. It's a good one!

When freezing lasagna, I'd ideally suggest using an appropriately sized plastic or 'Tupperware' box, as these help the lasagna hold its shape a little better than bags.

However, if ziplock bags are all you have, not to worry. Just don't put the still-warm lasagna still in there... instead cover the leftovers with kitchen paper until it's completely cold (and therefore more solid).

Then you can put the lasagna into a bag, maybe chopping it into portions first and bagging each individually (this will help you work out how many you can serve when defrosting it next time!).

For more info also check out this freezing lasagna page.

Hope that helps!


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