Freezing fresh pasta

by Shane

Cheers Mathew

Now that I've mastered Indian, Thai and Chinese, Italian is my next project and your website is very helpful.

I have been freezing my fresh pasta but it goes a bit gluggy.

Do you have any tips for storing it?



Hi Shane - thanks for the mail, glad you like the site!

I happen to have my Italian mamma staying with us here, so I'm going to translate as she speaks.

According to her, it's best to freeze fresh pasta when it's still a dough ball. Then when you next take it out of the freezer, pop it on a lightly floured plate (and flour the dough ball too) until it defrosts.

Add more flour when rolling it flat if it's still gluggy.

That's your best bet sir. Do lemme know how you get on... or if you've any more questions.


PS: I recently made my first batch of green fresh pasta using spinach. This looks - and tastes - fantastic when twinned with a sparse tomato sauce. If interested, the page is here.

PPS: Lastly, re: fresh pasta you might enjoy my pasta cookbook, as it features printable versions of my fresh pasta recipes and exclusive downloadable videos of the same.

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