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The Italian pasta recipes here are divided up into clear categories to help you quickly find the cooking info you need.

Like all the free pasta recipes on Pasta Recipes Made Easy, the guides below are simple to follow, plus each one includes:

• A downloadable PDF shopping list

• Accurate cooking timings

• Full details of the equipment you’ll need.

Note: If you feel this list of free pasta recipes is missing something – maybe a dish you’d love to cook – do let me know.

easy_spaghetti_recipe Easy Pasta Recipes

This selection of easy pasta recipes contains the very simplest pasta dishes on this site. Most of these recipes involve just 5 steps or less, and take only 20-25 minutes to prepare. Total first-timers should start here!

bolognese_sauce Pasta Sauce Recipes

A scrumptious range of Italian pasta sauce recipes, designed so that you can easily learn, make and combine these with any pasta you like. From staple tomato sauces (tweaked for meat and seafood dishes) through to beefy bolognese and a sweet butternut treat, you should find something you like here.

easy_lasagna_recipe Lasagna Recipes

If layer upon layer of succulent pasta and molten cheese appeals, you'll love these dish-filling lasagna recipes. They range from my wife's mouth-watering beef lasagna through to a meatball feast and veggie-friendly eggplant and spinach versions.

easy_pasta_with_ricotta Meat Pasta Recipes

If meals packed with beef and bacon float your boat, check out these flesh-filled beauties. They include authentic Italian recipes such as spaghetti bolognese, moreish spaghetti with meatballs, and one you shouldn't miss - our family's very favourite 'pasta with bacon and ricotta' recipe (pictured).

eggplant_pasta_recipe Vegetarian Pasta Recipes

Luckily for non meat eaters, Italian pasta is very veggie-focused, as this range of delicious meals proves. They span everything from a super-sweet butternut squash ravioli through to my favourite pasta alla norma (left), crunchy green penne pesto, hearty bean pasta and more.

Italian_baked_pasta_recipe Baked Pasta Recipes

Pasta is really a great ingredient to cover in sauce and bake in the oven. Expect a crunchy crisp top layer, and then enjoy munching your way through a deliciously sumptuous filling. It's mouth-watering stuff - just don't plan on any strenuous exercise afterwards - you'll be too full!

tuna_pasta_recipe Seafood Pasta Recipes

As you might expect for people whose country is almost entirely surrounded by sea, Italians love their seafood and it works beautifully with pasta. New fish cooks should check out the fresh tuna recipe, while dedicated fans will like the 'DIY' dish.

easy_vegetable_pasta_salad_recipe Vegetable Pasta Salad Recipe

It doesn't get much more nutritious than this veg n' pasta mix. Just chop up a pile of your favourite multi-coloured veg, bake it for 20 minutes, combine with al dente short pasta and let it cool. The result? A super-filling pasta your body will love you for.

minestrone_soup_recipe Minestrone Soup Recipe

The first pasta soup recipe on this site, this traditional 'big Italian broth' is a hearty veggie treat and then some. Perfect for warming up your family's chilly Winter nights, this dish is tasty (of course), nutrituous and so easy to prepare - just chop, boil and it's done.

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