Free Easy Chili Recipes

free easy chili recipes

If you like your Italian pasta with a spicy kick, these free easy chili recipes should provide you with plenty of new and tasty options.

These dishes span the entire range of pasta pleasure – from garlic spaghetti to amatriciana sauce, pasta soup, pesto with avocado and even a super-posh black truffle plateful.

Best of all, the free easy chili recipes below are all genuinely beginner-friendly. I explain each in clear and simple English using step-by-step guides, as taught to me by my ever-patient Italian mamma-in-law Marisa.

Here’s wishing you buon appetito (‘good eatin’)!

garlic pasta recipe Garlic pasta recipe

If you like your Italian pasta with a butt-whomping kick then give this mouth-melting garlic spaghetti a bash. It's really quick and simple to make… start now and you’ll be getting your hit in just 20 minutes!

Amatriciana sauce recipeAmatriciana sauce

This fiesty and fiery beast is light on ingredients (so quick to make), easy on the brain, but far from easy on the tongue. To go really traditional, mix this sauce through with bucatini (‘hollow spaghetti') pasta. You’ll love it!

pasta with vodka saucePasta with vodka sauce

If you’re big on creamy sauces, you’ll love this ‘hidden depth’ penne alla vodka recipe. You won’t get drunk or have a hangover (the alcohol burns off in the pan), but you will get a pink creamy bowl of pasta pleasure.

pumpkin pasta soupPumpkin pasta soup

One of the several vegetarian chilli recipes here, this dish is perfect for spicing up Halloween. This soup will help you use up any leftover orange pumpkin flesh, or instead of pumpkin you can go for slightly sweeter tasting butternut squash if you like; it’s really quite flexible.

vegetable pasta recipe Super Sicilian: vegetable pasta recipe

One of our family’s very favorite Italian pasta recipes, this meat-free veggie pasta comes from Sicily – like a great many chili-toting pasta dishes – and serves up penne or rigatoni smothered in slow-cooked molten veg. It takes a while, but it’s seriously scrumptious.

spicy tuna pasta recipeSpicy tuna pasta recipe

This simple seafood pasta starter teaches you exactly how to cook and mix tinned tuna with a staple Italian tomato sauce. Chop and throw in some chili for a subtle whoomf and you have quite a dish!

broccoli pasta recipe Leafy broccoli pasta recipe

This green n’ leafy broccoli pasta hails from the Puglia region of Italy and uses a very particular type of leafy broccoli. So first hit your local farmers market or Italian store, then grab some chili powder, and let’s get a cookin’.

zucchini pasta recipe’Springtime Special’ zucchini pasta

This zucchini pasta is a wonderfully fresh springtime dish. Called ‘spaghetti con fiori di zucchini’ (spaghetti with zucchini flowers) in Italian, it features long n’ oily spaghetti coated in translucent water-fried onion slices and ripped zucchini flowers.

Free easy chili recipes from readers:

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Even more chili pasta recipes...

In addition to the dishes above, many of the other Italian pasta dishes on this site feature chili as an optional ingredient.

Use the box below to search out more of these free easy chili recipes (simply search for 'optional chili' or just 'chili').

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