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The free cooking videos below are aimed squarely at pasta lovers who prefer to 'see it then do it', rather than merely reading their recipes.

My aim is to grow this selection of free cooking videos over time, to really give you numerous valuable and useable guides that you can come back to whenever you like.

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We start off with some crucial viewing, as I explain how to make fresh pasta. Believe me, once you've nailed this simple process, you'll find yourself regularly making dough because it tastes so much more succulent.

Making Fresh Pasta & Shapes

how_to_make_pasta_video How to make pasta from scratch

The four pasta videos here explain what ingredients you need to make fresh pasta, how to mix these, how to fold and roll your dough correctly, plus there's an extra tip that details how to chop the resulting pasta into tasty tagliatelle.

how_to_make_pesto_make_fresh_pesto_make_pesto How to make pesto

Direct from the sunny streets of Liguria on Italy's North West coast, this fresh green basil pesto guide takes just 5 minutes and creates super-crunchy, funky fresh pesto that's perfect for smothering over your favourite fresh or packet pasta.

how_to_make_farfalle_pasta How to make farfalle pasta shapes

Once you have your fresh pasta dough ready, get creative by learning how to create farfalle pasta shapes (bowtie pasta). The process is very quick and you're sure to impress any dinner guests you serve.

how_to_make_garganelli_pasta How to make garganelli pasta shapes

Don't fancy farfalle? Then try making these funky folded garganelli instead. They're pretty much the equivalent of homemade penne and great at clinging onto chunky meat and veg pastas sauces. Truly scrumptious.

how_to_make_ravioli_pansotti How to make 'half-moon' ravioli (pansotti)

These moon-shaped ravioli parcels, also known as 'pansotti', are stupidly easy to make. All you need is a glass or cookie cutter, then just stuff them with whatever filling you like - spinach and ricotta, meaty bolognese, butternut squash... it's up to you!

how to make orecchiette pasta How to make orecchiette pasta shapes

If you're a fan of little ear or shell-shaped orecchiette pasta, check out this quick creation guide. Just cook up some quick pasta dough then hit this page to learn the special knife technique you'll need. The key? Just squish and flip!

Pasta Recipes

pumpkin pasta soup recipe video 5-Step pumpkin pasta soup

Don't waste any of your Halloween veg by turning your pumpkin's innards into this scrummy pasta soup. There are just 5 cooking steps involved and most of the time you'll only need to stir the mixture. Easy? Scarily so!

chickpea soup recipe video Chickpea pasta soup

Full of buttery, nutty taste and similar to pasta fagioli in terms of its preparation, this is one nourishing dish. It's simple to make too, as its main ingredient just cooks in the pot with the pasta.

asparagus pasta salad recipe videoAsparagus pasta salad recipe

This farmers market special is a crunchy, quick-to-make treat. It's packed with pleasingly green asparagus ‘heads’, sumptuous soft mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes for a little acidic bite, all mixed through with perfectly-cooked penne.

chickpea soup recipe video Summer pasta salad

Hunting for a pasta salad recipe that will have the juice dribbling down your chin? If so, this refreshing summer dish, with its moist buffalo mozzarella cheese and tiny fresh tomatoes, is exactly the lunch you've been looking for!

pea and ham pasta piselli Pea, ham and pasta ('pasta piselli')

This scrumptious tagliatelle recipe is a milky, sweet-pea delight. Called ‘tagliatelle delicate’ (pronounced deli-car-tay) by my mamma-in-law Marisa, it's less heavy than many meaty tagliatelle dishes. If you like pork n' peas, you'll love it!

spaghetti carbonara recipe Spaghetti carbonara recipe

This breakfast-taste bacon and egg spaghetti dish is a 20-minute Italian classic. It's a real mouth-waterer and I'm sure that the first time you make it won't be your last!

baked pasta recipe 'In The Ring' baked pasta recipe

This delicious cheese, tomato, eggplant, meatball and tagliatelle recipe is a true weekender. It is not quick, but the sliceable ring of baked pasta that results is a tummy-filling revelation. Any special dinner guests you have will love it.

easy eggplant recipe video 'Pasta alla norma' (easy eggplant recipe)

There are few pasta dishes I love more than this sweet eggplant/aubergine and tomato treat. This 25-minute recipe is simple to make (if not super-healthy!) and vegetarian-friendly. Just try it once... it won't be the last time.

Kitchen Equipment

imperia_pasta_machine_pasta_roller_machine Imperia pasta machine: full review

What's the point of those heavy metal pasta rolling machines? Find out here as I get up close and personal with Imperia's SP150 pasta machine. My wife Laura bought me this sturdy piece of kit and I have to say - it really does rock.

Other guides

how to bone anchovy debone anchovy de-bone anchovy How to de-bone an anchovy

Many seafood pasta recipes use anchovy, including 'bigoli in salsa' from Venice and this anchovy spaghetti. This quick vid explains how to easily remove an anchovy's ends and spine before cooking.

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