What's your foodie story?

Share your most memorable pasta experience here...

If you love your food you’ll probably remember when you ate your tastiest ever Italian pasta dish.

Italian villa Tuscany• Was it at your town’s best restaurant?

• What about that scrummy beef lasagna you made at home?

• Or maybe that sumptuous wild boar ragu you ate on a Tuscan hillside?

Wherever it was, this page is the place for you to reminisce.

Simply use the form below to share your foodie story with the rest of us. (I’ve started us off with my own favorite pasta memory; a ragu that made me literally dribble...)

Whether it’s raving about your favorite local restaurant, a pasta dish you’ve just discovered, or that time the kids sprayed bolognese sauce all over the dog… we’d love to hear it.

So go on… make our mouths water!

What's your favorite Italian food experience?

Spill the beans here...

Other Visitor Stories...

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Fresh pasta feedback: tender and oh so delicious! 
If I had known that making homemade pasta would be this delicious I would NEVER have bought it in a box, pre-made! I have just done my own tutorial …

"That White Stuff" 
My favorite Italian food experience did not start off so great. I made a simple pasta with meat sauce , but did not have any basil or Italian seasonings …

Macaroni and ketchup 
I grew up thinking that macaroni and ketchup was good Italian food. My mother had many wonderful qualities, but cooking wasn't one of them :) Imagine …

Does Paoli still exist? 
Imagine a meal so utterly delicious that 40 years later, it still makes my mouth water. I was a child, in Florence with my parents. The restaurant …

Honeymoon Ragu Revelation 
Saturday the 8th of September 2007, the day after our Italian wedding... With both Laura and I exhausted after driving from the town Rapallo (on …

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