Flour to make ravioli dough

by Debra Efferson
(Greenwell Springs, Louisiana)

I have the attachments for my KitchenAid mixer to make ravioli - the pasta roller and the ravioli maker.

What is the best pasta flour to use with it?


Hi Debora. Ravioli is made using egg pasta, which is formed using eggs, salt and type 00 superfine flour if possible (find this here on Amazon).

However if you don't have this very fine flour, don't worry as general/all-purpose plain flour works just fine.

Also, if you have any trouble using the Kitchenaid equipment, you can make half-moon-shape ravioli (strictly 'pansotti') very easily, just by cutting circles with a cookie cutter or glass (see the ravioli recipes here for more info).

Hope that helps,


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