First time making pasta

by Ruithie

I have recently purchased this Imperia pasta machine. I think it will take a few attempts to get the pasta right.

It kept getting stuck on the roller so I had to remove it and start again. Also I noticed that there is a plastic section beneath the rollers which was broken. I will contact the seller about this.

Does anyone know if the plastic section beneath the rollers serves a purpose? I will try and persevere with the pasta as it did taste very good!

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by: Matt - Pasta Recipes Made Easy

Hi Ruithie and thanks for your post.

In terms of dough getting stuck, this is usually because the dough is still a little too moist.

As for the plastic component you mention, I don't know what you mean here. My machine never included such a part - unless it's simply a packing component designed to hold the parts in place during shipping (sorry if that's patronising!).

Any chance you could send a photo of this? You can add a new post on this same page, and upload a pic with it, or else send directly to me on matt at pasta-recipes-made-easy dot com.

That would help me to advise you and maybe then if required I can also ask Imperia for you!



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