So many electric pasta machines...
which is for you?

If you fancy making fresh pasta without handle turning, or you like the idea of one of the many electric pasta machines available adorning your kitchen worktop, this quick buying guide is for you.

The Top 3 Electric Pasta Machines below are ranked as per customer reviews on, which I personally trust more than marketing blurb.

Quick Disclaimer: I myself love to get physical with my pasta, so I use this Imperia manual machine, which I love and which might probably outlast me. It's not electric, but it does rock. The choice is yours!

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Top 3 Electric Pasta Machines

As rated by buyers on

1. Atlas Pasta Machine w/Motor Set

Atlas electric pasta machinesThis is effectively the electric version of the manual Atlas roller ranked second on this page.

Saving you the hassle of winding the rollers yourself, this quality piece of Atlas kit is very reasonably priced and built super-solidly from stainless steel, meaning it should last for decades!

Read my full review of this Atlas pasta machine.

Amazon review comment:

- “I love gnocchi and with this machine it is a snap. My aunt has one she bought 20 years ago and it still works great. I will be buying more of these to give to our daughters.”

Find the Atlas motor machine on Amazon US here.

Expect to pay: around US $200 (new).

2. Imperia Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

Imperia electric pasta machineIn theory this is Imperia’s commercial pasta machine, designed for restaurants, delicatessens and the like. That said, those with big families or a serious love of kitchen tools might well find it interesting.

Like the Atlas machine above and Imperia’s fantastic manual SP150 machine (which I use, see here), this machine is built from chrominum-plated steel. It can prep 220mm-wide pasta strips in no less than ten different thicknesses, making up to 12KG/26lb of fresh rolled pasta per hour!

Read my full review of the Imperia electric pasta machine.

Amazon review comment:

- “When I think how I used to battle with the manual machine clamped to a table - I musta been nuts! It’s expensive, but hey, it is so worth it.”

Find the Imperia Restaurant machine on Amazon US here.

Watch the official promo vid on YouTube here.

Expect to pay: around US $1500-2000 (depending on new/used), plus shipping.

3. Lello 2730 3000 Pro Pastamaster Pasta Maker

Lello electric pasta machineRatings-wise on, this rolls in at number 3, but sales-wise it’s actually the bestselling of all the electric pasta machines (at the time of writing).

How does it differ from the Atlas and Imperia above? Well this pasta machine actually kneads and mixes your ingredients to create the dough in the first place, rather than you needing to create this by hand and then only use the machine to just roll it flat and cut the shapes.

This Lello lovely includes 8 pasta discs, which means you can whip up a variety of different pasta shapes. All you need to bring to the party need is flour and either eggs or water (depending on the type of flour you’re using).

Read my full review of this Lello pasta maker.

Amazon review comment:

- “I checked out several brands before deciding on this one. I followed the directions exactly, and the pasta came out perfect.”

- “Follow the directions that come with it and you too will have wonderful, homemade pasta. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5: the extrusion is VERY, VERY SLOW!”

- “It will give you great pasta for as long as you remain satisfied with its scope.”

Read more Lello reviews here and find the Lello 2730 3000 Pro on Amazon here.

Expect to pay: around US $200 (new).

And finally… the new contender

Imperia pasta presto electric pasta machineAnd here’s a stylish new entrant you might not have heard of before.

It’s Imperia’s smooth n’ sexy Pasta Presto machine.

This curvy beast is designed to roll your pasta dough flat and cut it into either tagliatelle or fettuccine shapes, and all with an extra helping of kitchen style.

It features a non-stick coating for safe, clean pasta, a six-setting thickness knob, and weighs 13lbs. And of course, quality-wise, just know that it’s made in Italy by Imperia. That usually does the trick.

Find the Pasta Presto on Amazon US here (Amazon UK here).

Watch the official promo vid on YouTube here.

Expect to pay: US $500-600 (new).

Which Pasta Machine Do You Use?

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Imperia: here

Marcato (maker of the Atlas range): here

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