Imperia Restaurant electric pasta machine

The Imperia Restaurant electric pasta machine is a serious piece of pasta kit, aimed primarily at owners of restaurants and delicatessens, caterers and any other folks for whom 4 or 6 normal servings of luscious fresh pasta just isn’t enough!

Imperia Restaurant electric pasta machine electric pasta maker

2 automated versions of the Imperia Restaurant are available:
the ‘electric’ and the ‘electronic’.

The electric model is the one you’ll find in most stores and on Amazon (see below), so it’s the one we’ll concentrate on here. It’s also sometimes referred to as the Imperia 220 Electric.

About the machine:
Like its manual cousins, the Imperia Restaurant is made from bomb-proof stainless steel, which also makes it simple to clean (just dust it off, no soap or water required).

It makes 210mm width flat lengths of pasta (AKA noodles in the US), and it can produce up to 10 different thicknesses depending on which roller setting you choose.

Imperia Restaurant electric pasta machine electric pasta maker
Note on options:
If you want to cut your rolled pasta into different shapes, you’ll need to either do this manually (see my shape guides ) or invest in one of Imperia’s many ‘Simplex’ cutter attachments.

An add-on called the ‘Impastatore Restaurant’ is also available, into which you add flour etc. and which uses a turning blade to then create the initial dough mixture, rather than forming it by hand (but that's easy – see here).

Check out Imperia’s Restaurant promo vid... love the voiceover!
(Note: this vid features the optional ‘Imapastatore’ part mentioned above.)

The Imperia Restaurant electric pasta machine features:

• 2 powered nickel-plated rollers for flattening your dough

• In the box: machine body, pasta sheet hopper (tray), transmission, handle for the pasta maker cutter & instruction manual.

• Dimensions: 30x22x25 cm / 12x9x10 inches

• Weight: 14.8KG/6.7lb

• Supply voltage - 230V/50Hz, 120V/60Hz

• Power 290W

• Pasta sheet production: 12KG/26lb per hour (sheet width: 210 mm)

For more technical info, view or download this machine’s User Manual by clicking/right-clicking here.

Typical Amazon feedback:

- “I bought the Electric about a month ago. Since then, I have made pasta about three times a week. The machine is easy to use, easy to clean. How easy? Well I'm making pasta in the evening after work. In a session lasting about 100 minutes I can make three batches of 10 eggs/1kg flour. That gives me about 55 half litre (1 pint)tubs of cooked egg pasta in, say an hour and a half. No way I could do that with a manual machine. It's expensive, but hey , it is so-o worth it."

Other online feedback (from akitchen):

- “What a pleasure it is to use! I am a university lecturer and "pasta fresca, fatta in casa" is my little sideline. After working all day you really need something easy to use. Speed and minimum effort please! Well yes, the Imperia does it all. I can now do 4 batches of 5 eggs/500g flour inside of 60 minutes! I can have the kitchen cleaned and 6.5kg cooked pasta in the freezer in 1hr 40 start to finish. Expensive but real good.”

EXPECT TO PAY: US $1800-1900.

WHO SHOULD BUY IT? Restaurant and delicatessen owners, caterers and pasta-loving connoisseurs.

WHERE TO BUY IT: it is available on Amazon US here.

Too rich for your wallet? Check out the lower-priced but highly-rated electric pasta machines here.

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