'Sweet Strip' easy spaghetti sauce recipe


This easy spaghetti sauce recipe is the first pasta dish I've invented from scratch (only 120 recipes into my site, it took me a little time!).

easy spaghetti sauce recipe

It's all about the super-slippery taste of oiled up spaghetti (or linguine), with the sweet hit of soft grilled red pepper and a subtle hint of aromatic herbs. You can also give it a garlic twist or chili kick if you like.

My inspiration for this easy spaghetti sauce recipe was a side-dish that my wife and her mum often serve up. They grill red bell peppers, chop them into strips and then drizzle over extra virgin olive oil. I simply love these strips… it's the sweetness, it's just a chin-dribbling delight.

If you've not tried bell peppers made this way then you must, as the taste is so different to the raw crunch of a pepper slice, you'll really be surprised.

So this juicy side dish got got me pondering… if I chopped these peppers even more thinly, wouldn't they mix beautifully through a chunky n' oily portion of spaghetti or linguine?

The answer is yes, and then some. Let's make it...

Serves 2

pasta recipe book pasta cookbookIngredients:

2 large red bell peppers/capsicum (red peppers seem sweeter than yellow, green or orange)

Small chunk of parmesan cheese (to grate)

Handful of your favorite herbs (i.e. oregano, thyme, provence mixed herbs etc.)

Extra virgin olive oil



Optional: garlic clove or chili pepper/flakes

STEP 1 - First rinse the bell peppers.

- Grill these under a maximum heat grill, turning every 5 mins. When the skins are black on all sides - after 15-20 mins total - then they're ready (and the insides will be nicely cooked).

STEP 2 - Drop these peppers into a large and cover with transparent film or a plate.

- Leave the peppers to cool for 5 mins. This makes their skins easier to remove.

STEP 3 - Guess what? Remove the skins with your hands!

- Then chop out each pepper’s stalk, chop each pepper in half, and finally scoop out their internals seeds.

- Cut the remaining pepper flesh, long-ways, into long thin strips (a width of half a centimeter works perfectly).

STEP 4 - Cover the base of a frying pan with a thin layer of EVOO (oil) and pop on a medium-heat hob.

- If adding some garlic, peel and halve your clove and pop it in the pan. Fry this in the oil until it browns, then remove it (this leaves the garlic's taste in the oil)

- Add a pinch of black pepper, half a handful of your ground herbs, and 2 tablespoons of ground parmesan.

- If you are 'kicking up the spice', you can add a few chili slices (no seeds!) or flakes now.

- Warm through your pepper strips and seasoning for 2-3 mins then take the pan off the heat.


To serve: boil up 200g/7oz of spaghetti or linguine in a big pan of well-salted water, then drain and drop in the pan of sauce. Heat through for a couple of minutes and serve.

Garnish if you like with either a sprinkling of your herbs or maybe a full chili if you've gone that route.

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